If your child has flakes like this…

Or  flakes like this…

Child Seborrheic Dermatitis

Then consider buying Happy Cappy, a medicated shampoo for Child Seborrheic Dermatitis & Dandruff

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No scalp or eyebrow flakes, but have a dry, itchy, irritated skin condition like eczema or keratosis pilaris? Then try our daily body wash!

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How has Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo helped families?

Emma, a 2 month old, came to Dr. Eddie’s office with scaling and flaking on her scalp, forehead and eyebrows. Emma also had redness and peeling skin behind her ears, in her neck folds, and in her arm pits. Her mother wanted to know how we could fix her daughters “cradle cap.”

Before consulting Dr. Eddie, the family tried applying coconut oil to the affected areas and leaving it on overnight but that did not help much.

  • The flaking, scaling and redness on the scalp and skin of this 2 month old is formally called seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo is a rich lathering, non-greasy, and fragrance free medicated shampoo for children of all ages. 
  • Happy Cappy contains an FDA approved active ingredient, Pyrithione Zinc, for the relief of scalp and skin redness, flaking, scaling and itching associated with seborrheic dermatitis.

Jeremy, a 12 month old, with flaking and scale in his scalp and eczema (a sensitive skin condition) on his body, came to Dr. Eddie’s office with his dad looking for a solution.

The family had dabbled in olive oil applications to the scalp but were tired of the lack of improvement and the mess.

  • Happy Cappy’s gentle formula eliminates flaking and is perfect for sensitive skin in patients like Jeremy because it is fragrance free, dye free, alcohol free, sulfate free, and paraben free.
  • Happy Cappy contains the natural ingredient Licorice Root Extract which also assists in soothing redness.

Sabrina, a 4 month old, came to Dr. Eddie’s office and her mother was uncertain of what to do after she read on the internet that she could use an adult dandruff shampoo to treat the redness behind the child’s ears and the flaking and scaling on the scalp.

  • 70% of pediatricians recommend an adult dandruff shampoo to treat seborrheic dermatitis. As a reminder, seborrheic dermatitis is commonly referred to as “cradle cap.” 
  • Many parents are not interested in using a scented adult dandruff shampoo made for adult skin on their infant.
  • Many  pediatricians are still unaware that a child friendly seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff shampoo now exists!
  • Thank you Happy Cappy!

William, a 12 year old, came to Dr. Eddie’s office for a well child check and was doing great but had his shirt covered in flakes from his scalp. When I asked if his scalp itched he said yes, much to the surprise of his parents.

  • William like many other teenage boys and girls suffers from dandruff. 
  • Happy Cappy is a rich lathering, clinically tested shampoo that helps stop flaking and itching associated with dandruff. 
  • Happy Cappy does not contain pungent odors like other anti-dandruff shampoos available.
  • Some “all-natural” shampoos claim to be the best remedy for dandruff, but they lack an FDA approved active ingredient.
  • Happy Cappy is the first OTC (Over The Counter) shampoo made specifically for children of all ages with an FDA approved active ingredient.
  • Pyrithione Zinc has been proven safe and effective for many decades and when used as directed actually helps prevent the recurrence of scalp flaking and itching associated with dandruff.

We are proud to bring you Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo!

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