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happy cappy cruelty free shampooWhat Does Cruelty Free Shampoo Mean?

“Cruelty free shampoo” can be interpreted in a number of ways. It might refer to products that aren’t cruel to the user — those that don’t burn your eyes or irritate your skin. It might also reference products that don’t mistreat your wallet by charging a premium for subpar results. Of course, most commonly, it refers to products that don’t cause harm or suffering to animals.

Interestingly, the best cruelty free shampoo, like Happy Cappy’s daily shampoo and body wash satisfy all three of these definitions. These products aren’t tested on animals, won’t irritate your skin, and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

But we’ve drifted a bit. Today’s post focuses on animal cruelty and the cruelty free shampoos that leave our favorite fuzzy critters alone. Because rabbits don’t use mousse, and moose don’t use shampoo. There’s no good reason to involve animals in product testing until they start demanding salon time. Horses get their ponytails naturally, after all, no product needed.

Does Cruelty Free Mean the Same as Vegan?

One might assume that cruelty free shampoo is synonymous with vegan shampoo in that many consider it cruel to use animals for their parts. In practice, however, the two terms aren’t the same thing. “Cruelty free” or “cruelty-free” refers only to products that don’t use animals for testing purposes. They can include animal byproducts in their ingredients and still be certified “cruelty free.” If you want to minimize your impact on animals, you’ll want to make sure the products you buy are cruelty free and vegan (which, coincidentally, Happy Cappy products are.)

How Can You Be Sure That a Cruelty Free Shampoo Actually Is?

You leave it to the professionals, that’s how. There are a number of organizations dedicated to protecting animals, and they make every effort to confirm product marketing claims. Leaping Bunny is a product labeling initiative that represents eight of these animal protection groups.

They vet companies and products to make sure that they’re honest. If you see the Leaping Bunny insignia on the bottle, you can be certain you’re holding cruelty free shampoo (or whatever product you’re holding…Leaping Bunny concerns itself with all kinds of personal care products, unlike actual bunnies which are too busy being cute to care.)

Oh wait, did someone mention Leaping Bunny, setting up another opening for shameless self-promotion? We’ll take it! The full range of Happy Cappy products is Leaping Bunny accredited. That means eight different animal protection groups are happy with our production processes.

You Don’t Need to Test on Animals When You Use Natural, Plant-based Ingredients Already Known Safe

How can we make safe, high-quality personal care products without testing them on animals? Because we avoid the harsh chemicals, dyes, solvents, and fragrances that other manufacturers use. Our products are hypoallergenic and safe for use by both adults and children. They won’t irritate the skin, making them an excellent choice for those with existing sensitivities.

Whether you need a medicated shampoo and body wash designed for infants and children with a cradle cap, one formulated for teenage dandruff adult seborrheic dermatitis, and fungal acne, a mild baby eczema cream that’s also great for adults, or a full daily skincare regimen for irritated skin, Happy Cappy has you covered. Leaping Bunny has put their seal on all of them, verifying that they’re cruelty free.

They’re vegan, too, in case you were wondering, but that’s for another article. Rest assured that no animals are ever harmed by Happy Cappy, whether for testing or ingredients. As a result, we limit harm to our customers, too. 95% of our ingredients are plant-based, and none are animal-derived. You won’t find harsh chemicals or unnecessary fragrances and dyes. Which means we treat your skin and hair right. That’s full-spectrum cruelty-free.

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