Glycerin Shampoo

Glycerin as a primary ingredient in our shampoo and body wash

This is a big ingredient in all 3 of our products. Glycerin is a humectant. It draws moisture into the skin.

Glycerin works. Let’s discuss its presence in moisturizing creams and speak about the value of using a moisturizing cream for people with sensitive, dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin.

Moisturizing creams help eczema, and adding glycerin, also called glycerol, gives added benefits. A huge study, called a Cochrane Review, looked at 77 different clinical studies containing more than 6,000 people and they set out to answer the question of what are the effects of moisturizing creams for eczema [1,2].

The authors found that more people who used a cream containing glycerin felt their skin to be improved compared to those who used a similar cream without glycerin or a placebo. A physician also objectively noted the skin of the glycerin using participants to be improved. There was no difference in the number of adverse events reported between those using the cream with glycerin and the cream without glycerin [2].

When it came to moisturizing cream in general, participants in these studies considered moisturizers to be more than twice as effective in improving eczema than using no moisturizer. From the physician’s point of view, the use of a moisturizer decreased eczema severity and led to fewer flares [2].

Licorice Root Extract paired with Glycerin

The Cochrane Review we are discussing also touched on one of Happy Cappy’s other star ingredients, Licorice Root Extract for eczema and its soothing properties. One cream observed in the study looked at “glycyrrhetinic acid,” one of the many different variations of Licorice Root Extract.

They found that the cream that contained the ingredient glycyrrhetinic acid was four times as effective at improving eczema severity than an identical cream without glycyrrhetinic acid. This cream also led to less itch, happier patients, and fewer eczema flares. Similar to the glycerin study, there was no difference in the number of adverse events reported between those using the cream with licorice root extract and the cream without it [2].

Unrelated to glycerin and licorice but important for eczema care, this excellent study endorsed the common practice among physicians of using a moisturizing cream together with any prescribed topical steroids. They found that using moisturizer together with a steroid was better than just using a steroid alone, and they found that this practice reduced the number of flares [2].

Happy Cappy and Glycerin

Clinical studies reveal fascinating insights about the relationship between glycerin, moisturizing creams, and eczema. Here at Happy Cappy, we use glycerin as a humectant to help improve skin hydration. All of our glycerin is sourced from plants to help us produce the most effective moisturizing cream for eczema, baby shampoo for eczema, and body wash for seborrheic dermatitis possible.


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