Below are testimonials of trusted pediatricians who recommend Happy Cappy for treating seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff.

Congratulations on expanding your line. Your shampoo/body wash products are by far the best in the market for seb derm and top notch for AD (Eczema). I look forward to this new product in your line and given your track record it will be excellent also. Kudos and keep going!

Dr. Castro, Pediatrician from Florida

My families love this product!
Dr. Zorrilla, Texas Pediatrician

Dr. Harry Rosenthal

Dr. Sheida Asgari

Good Product provides observable results.
Pediatrician, from Texas

I recommend the shampoo and body washes frequently.
Silen Pahlavan MD, ABC Pediatric Clinic, Texas

Thanks for the great products.

Dr. Christopher Abel, Dallas Pediatrician

My parents love the Happy Cappy products!
Dr. Hay, Pediatrician from Wisconsin

Dr. Eddie Valenzuela

I recommend Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy moisturizing cream for children with dry eczema prone skin.

Dr. Harry Rosenthal, from Houston, Texas

My patients have been pleased with the effectiveness of the medicated shampoo!
Nurse Practitioner, Mississippi Pediatric

Love the products!
Pediatrician, from Illinois

Great stuff!
Pediatrician, from Colorado

We now have many patients who swear by your products!
Dr. Vore, West Virginia Pediatrician

Families have given positive feedback on the oat based shampoo. Thank you!
Pediatrician, from Illinois

Our patients are loving your products!!! Great for newborns w/ seborrheic dermatitis!

Pediatrician, from Virginia

Happy Cappy is a product line that delivers. It is safe, gentle and effective. I have recommended all the products to patients, family and friends with excellent results. I am excited that Dr. Eddie has recently added a moisturizer to the line and look forward to more products from Happy Cappy.

Dr. Anita Jimenez-Belinoski, from Houston, Texas

Your products have been great for my pediatric patients.

Dr. Nicole Brown, Pediatrician from Duncanville, TX

I’ve had a great response from Happy Cappy for seborrhea.

Pediatrician, from Huntsville, AL

We love the cradle cap shampoo and our patients do too!

Dr. Ariza, Washington D.C. Pediatrician

As a pediatrician, I knew of a few options to treat my newborn’s cradle cap, but was thrilled after deciding to trial Happy Cappy. I noticed a difference overnight – with some improvement already by the next day! He cleared up fully with about two weeks of use. He had no side effects. I’ll definitely reach for it again if the cradle cap comes back! Thanks, Dr. Eddie!

Pediatrician, from Houston, TX

My patients really enjoy your products. I am confident in recommending Happy Cappy products.

Dr. Daiva Olipra, Pediatrician from Laramie, WY