Will Vaseline or mineral oil help seborrheic dermatitis?

To improve my child’s cradle cap, my doctor suggested vaseline or mineral oil or said do nothing, so now what?

Although Vaseline or mineral oil may soothe the skin, and loosen flakes on the scalp, it will not do anything to reduce the yeast colonizing the scalp that is creating the inflammation that is creating flaking and scaling associated with seborrheic dermatitis. Cradle Cap is the common name for the medical condition known as seborrheic dermatitis.

Happy Cappy differs from Vaseline or mineral oil because it has an active ingredient (Pyrithione Zinc) that helps eliminate the flaking, scaling and irritation associated with seborrheic dermatitis, while also soothing the skin.

These skin conditions can often disappear on their own over time, however, Happy Cappy will expedite the healing process so that your child can have the softest skin.  It’s important to choose a kids shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis that avoids harsh ingredients like fragrances and sulfates.