Top Parenting Myths Regarding Baby Care Debunked

Raising children is no easy task! And, with an infant, it’s not just the everyday sleep loss and the increased chores which are difficult to manage; rising misinformation has led to myths about parenting that have persuaded many caregivers to be concerned.

Common “wisdom” on baby-rearing doesn’t just come from family – well-meaning relatives, friends, practitioners, and others can make you wonder as a parent if you’re truly caring for your baby’s development needs. At the end of the day, caring for the most basic needs of your baby is really what is necessary for you as a parent – all the other advice can vary, so it’s important to be able to differentiate between parenting myths and realities.

We’re here to help debunk the parenting myths! With expert opinions from parents and pediatricians, we will help you navigate between parenting myths and facts on topics like baby’s bedtime routine, when to read to baby, and even how to treat cradle cap.

A Helpful Guide on Knowing What Really Works

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