The American Academy of Dermatology recommend using shampoo once or twice a week on babies who have hair.

Shampoo can help loosen spit-up, food, oils, and anything else that gets into the baby’s hair. However, because it removes oil, it can also cause the hair to dry out. The right baby shampoo is gentle enough to use regularly, and will not dry out the skin or hair.

What to look for in baby shampoos
Every baby is different, and no shampoo will work well for everyone. These tips can help caregivers choose the right shampoo:

  • Consider fragrance-free products. They may be less irritating.
  • Search for shampoos that are phthalate-free.
  • Consider a sulfate-free shampoo, which may be less drying.
  • Choose a tear-free shampoo, which is less likely to irritate the baby’s eyes.

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