• Dr. Eddie Valenzuela
  • April 30, 2024

Melasma VS Hyperpigmentation: Spotting The Difference

Table Contents What Is Hyperpigmentation? >What Is Melasma? >Are Melasma And Hyperpigmentation The Same? Difference Between Melasma Vs Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options Conclusion FAQs When in school you learned that reptiles and mammals are ....

  • Dr. Eddie Valenzuela
  • April 29, 2024

What Causes Oily Scalp And How To Treat It?

Table Contents Understanding Oily Scalp And Oily Hair? Why Is My Scalp So Oily? Is Oily Scalp Good Or Bad? Relation Between Oily Scalp And Dandruff Does Oily Scalp Cause Hair Loss? 8 Ways To Get Rid Of Oily Scalp? Managing Seborrheic Dermatitis And ....

  • Dr. Eddie Valenzuela
  • March 29, 2024

Hormonal Acne: What is It and How to Get Rid of It?

Table Contents What is Hormonal Acne? What Causes Hormonal Acne? What Does Hormonal Acne Look Like? How to Treat Hormonal Acne? Hormonal Acne Diet Fungal Acne Vs Hormonal Acne When to Consult a Doctor Conclusion FAQs Acne is something we all are ....

  • Dr. Eddie Valenzuela
  • March 29, 2024

6 Skin Conditions That Cause Bumps Under Eyes Not Milia?

Table Contents Why Do I Have Chicken Skin Under Eyes? What Causes Bumps Under Eyes Not Milia? Keratosis Pilaris and Happy Cappy When to Seek a Doctor’s Help? Conclusion FAQs The skin of your face changes a lot throughout your lifetime. From being ....

  • Dr. Eddie Valenzuela
  • March 22, 2024

How Many Weeks Is The Newborn Stage?

Table Contents How Many Weeks Is The Newborn Stage? What To Expect In Newborn Stages? When Does Newborn Stage End? Difference Between A Baby, Infant, Newborn, And Toddler Skin Conditions Experienced During Neonatal Period Useful Tips For The Newborn ....

  • Dr. Eddie Valenzuela
  • January 22, 2024

Acidification In Atopic Dermatitis

The skin is a complex organ that may not look that important, but when you experience any skin conditions, then you realize how important it is and how much work it does to protect you. What Is Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)? Atopic dermatitis, commonly ....

  • Dr. Eddie Valenzuela
  • December 22, 2023

Can Dandruff Cause Acne? And How To Get Rid Of It?

If you are a teenager or have been through that phase, you would completely understand how awkward and annoying acne and dandruff are. But wait, why are we discussing them together? Is there a connection between dandruff and acne? Can dandruff cause ....

  • Dr. Eddie Valenzuela
  • December 21, 2023

Why Is My Newborn Skin Peeling?

You had planned a themed photoshoot to take beautiful portraits of your newborn after the birth. But you suddenly notice that your baby’s soft, delicate skin has suddenly become rough and is peeling off.  Worried and concerned, you start looking ....

  • Dr. Eddie Valenzuela
  • December 20, 2023

Newborn Dry Skin: What Causes It And How To Treat It

In case you are wondering, the picture above shows the normal peeling of a newborn baby. As a first-time parent, you probably expect your newborn’s skin to be soft and smooth. But suddenly you notice that your baby’s skin is peeling, becoming ....

  • Dr. Eddie Valenzuela
  • November 17, 2023

Pediatrician’s Guide to Using a Cradle Cap Brush for Babies

Table Contents What Is Cradle Cap (Seborrheic Dermatitis)? What To Do If Your Baby Has Cradle Cap? What Is A Cradle Cap Brush? How To Use Cradle Cap Brush? Don’ts Of Cradle Cap When To Consult A Pediatrician Conclusion Happy Cappy Shampoo For ....

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