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How Long Does Cradle Cap Last? Discover the Secret Tips

How Long Does Cradle Cap Last? Discover the Secret Tips

Seborrheic dermatitis, which is commonly referred to as “cradle cap” in babies and young children,” is a skin condition that can linger for quite some time. It’s difficult to say exactly how long the condition will last, given that the length of time can vary from one child to the next. In general, however, it will take far less time to resolve the condition when parents decide to use a medicated baby shampoo for cradle cap rather than waiting for the symptoms to go away on their own.

How long does “cradle cap” last?

Seborrheic dermatitis is an extremely common skin condition that can affect up to 42 percent of children. Most children who develop “cradle cap” do so between the ages of two weeks and 12 months. However, it is possible for older children to develop seborrheic dermatitis as well.

Some cases of seborrheic dermatitis may resolve in a matter of a few weeks. However, other children may have this skin condition for several months. “Cradle cap” can even persist long beyond a child’s first birthday. Some cases of cradle cap are more extensive, which can extend the total time it takes to resolve the condition.

How can parents make “cradle cap” go away faster?

Although seborrheic dermatitis does not cause symptoms that are bothersome or painful to the child, it’s perfectly natural to want the condition to resolve as quickly as possible. No parent wants to see their child have flaky crusts on the scalp, face, torso, or other areas. The good news is that the use of a medicated seborrheic dermatitis shampoo for cradle cap can help children enjoy clear, healthy skin once more.

Parents should note, however, that it’s important to avoid the use of adult-formulated products, as these are too harsh for a child’s sensitive skin. Instead, you can use the first and only medicated seborrheic dermatitis shampoo that Mama Bear and Cub called Happy Cappy the best cradle cap shampoo available.  Our medicated shampoo has been formulated especially for children of all ages. It is free of all potentially irritating substances, including parabens, dyes, sulfates, fragrances, and alcohol.

By using this product as directed, parents can see an improvement of symptoms in as few as one or two baths. Children with a more severe case of seborrheic dermatitis may require daily baths with the medicated body wash for three to seven days. The majority of cases will significantly clear within one to two weeks. If need be, the product can be used longer than this.

Where to find medicated shampoo for “cradle cap”

You can find Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo & Body Wash online at Amazon, Walmart.com, and Buy Buy Baby stores nationwide. It is also available at select Walgreens locations. In addition to using the medicated shampoo, try Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Moisturizing Cream. For best results, apply the moisturizing cream to the affected areas twice daily to soothe redness and hydrate the skin.


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What happens if you don't remove cradle cap?

Nothing. It doesn’t harm or improve the baby’s scalp condition. However, it might look uncomfortable to you. You can get treatment to remove crusty flakes on your baby’s scalp.

What makes cradle cap worse?

Scratching, picking, applying oil and irritating products, fragrance, and poor washing can worsen the condition.

Does not washing hair cause cradle cap?

Cradle cap is not caused by not washing hair. However, if affected, you must wash your baby’s scalp properly. Not washing the scalp can cause oil buildup on the scalp, which can further worsen the condition.
Use a medicated cradle cap shampoo to wash your baby’s scalp and help reduce scaling, flaking, and irritation.

What is the best shampoo for cradle cap babies?

Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo for Children is the best tear-free shampoo for reducing cradle cap symptoms in babies. It doesn’t include parabens, BPA, fragrance, and allergens. It can also be used in a normal hair care routine.

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