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How to Know If Baby Eczema Is Healing

How do you know if a child with eczema is healing?

Baby eczema is a common skin condition that’s very uncomfortable for parents and kids. It’s not fun for a little one to have red, dry, cracked, and itchy skin, and it’s very hard for parents to watch their children be so uncomfortable. Luckily, baby eczema isn’t particularly dangerous, and it’s easy to treat.

But how do you know if your baby is healing from his or her eczema? If the treatments are working, you should see your little one’s eczema rash clear up.

Begin the Healing Process

There is no cure for baby eczema, but there are lots of ways to relieve symptoms and prevent flare-ups. All it takes is a little patience, dedication, and three important steps: skin care, itch control, and trigger management.

  • Skin Care – The right skin care helps strengthen your baby’s skin so it can fight back against eczema flare-ups. What is a good skincare routine? Daily baths in warm water are key. Be sure to cleanse his skin with a gentle shampoo and body wash for eczema, as many common products are too harsh and drying. Finish off bath time with a baby eczema cream to moisturize his skin and protect it from possible irritants. Look for a cream that’s fragrance and dye-free to avoid irritation.
  • Itch Control – Baby eczema is very itchy, and the more your little one scratches, the worse the rash will get. You can help control your baby’s itching by keeping his nails trimmed, placing cotton mittens on his hands when he’s sleeping, and applying soothing baby eczema cream.
  • Trigger Management – Triggers are environmental factors that can cause or worsen an eczema flare-up. While every child might have slightly different triggers, there are a few common ones to avoid, such as extreme temperature, restrictive clothing, scratchy fabrics, and more rarely food allergies. One of the biggest triggers is harsh products. Many skincare products like soaps, shampoos, and body washes are much too harsh for sensitive young skin.

PRO TIP: What makes a product harsh?

  • Added scent
  • Color
  • Products that make a product lather called surfactants, for example, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • Preservatives called parabens can irritate eczema-prone skin.

PRO TIP: What makes a cleanser not harsh?

  • There are environmentally friendly surfactants that are not as drying but still make plenty of lather that are classified as “sulfate-free.”
  • A gentle eczema friendly shampoo and body wash will have the words. “fragrance-free,” “sulfate-free,” and “dye-free.”

It’s very important to see your pediatrician if your baby’s eczema flare-up does not clear or improve with these treatments. He or she will be able to prescribe prescription creams or ointments that can accelerate the healing process to comfort your baby.

How Long Does Baby Eczema Take to Heal?

The healing time for eczema can vary from child to child as it depends on the underlying cause of the flare-up.

For example, flare-ups from a contact eczema trigger, like an itchy shirt or a harsh shampoo, usually clear up within a few weeks with the proper treatment plan. Allergic eczema flare-ups, like those caused by an allergic reaction to a food or product, can last much longer.

Many babies outgrow their eczema completely. Baby eczema often dissipates by the age of four, but for some, flare-ups continue into young adulthood or adulthood.

While children won’t necessarily have an eczema rash that lasts forever, they may be at risk for flare-ups whenever they encounter triggers. When a flare-up happens, turn to Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy for effective yet gentle eczema cream, body wash, and moisturizing shampoo.

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