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No Scalp Left Behind®

No Scalp Left Behind®

Happy Cappy® proudly announced the launch of a new marketing campaign under the recently trademarked tagline: “No Scalp Left Behind®.” Happy Cappy® already has multiple parenting awards and accolades to attest to its uniquely positive effects on conditions like infant seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap) – a common condition that affects one in three children under the age of five. But maker and founder, Dr. Eddie Valenzuela, wanted to widen the public’s awareness that the irritant free formulations found in the two shampoo and body washes and moisturizing cream are also perfect for other age groups with sensitive skin conditions – like older children, teenagers, and adults.

Read the entire release here.

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Dr. Eddie Valenzuela is an award winning pediatrician and the founder and CEO of Pediatric Solutions, LLC.

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