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Does Seborrheic Dermatitis (AKA Cradle Cap) Cause Permanent Hair Loss?

Does seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap) cause permanent hair loss?

Seborrheic dermatitis, also known as “cradle cap,” is a common, benign condition that often affects children. It is typically caused by the overproduction of oil in the skin. “Cradle cap” results in the development of thick, yellowish, or whitish scales on the scalp. Sometimes, a child’s torso is also affected. The appearance of seborrheic dermatitis can certainly be alarming for parents. Rest assured, however, that the condition can be addressed, and children do not suffer any lasting effects from seborrheic dermatitis.

Can “cradle cap” cause permanent hair loss?

The primary indicator of “cradle cap” is the scaling on the scalp. However, hair loss can sometimes be indirectly caused by this condition. While rubbing your child’s skin or scalp dry with a towel after bathing, it’s possible for the scales to loosen and come off. As the scales are removed, they can sometimes cause clumps of hair to come off as well.

It can certainly be upsetting for parents to see bald patches on their child’s scalp. However, rest assured that the hair loss is not permanent. Your child’s hair will grow back in due course. It generally takes one month for new hair to achieve a growth of 0.5 to one inch. On average, a child’s hair will grow by five to six inches every year. There is no magic formula for encouraging hair to grow faster. However, there are a few things you can do to discourage additional hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss with “cradle cap”

It’s best to avoid picking at the scales. Attempting to forcibly remove them is more likely to result in patchy hair loss. And because this can result in breaks in the skin, it may even cause an infection.

You may sometimes hear other parents recommend using an anti-dandruff shampoo formulated for adults. Unfortunately, products formulated for adults can irritate a child’s sensitive skin and eyes. It’s best to use a medicated baby shampoo for cradle cap that has been formulated especially for a child’s sensitive skin. To date, the only product developed specifically to manage the flaking and scaling of the scalp in children is Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo & Body Wash.

It is a pediatrician’s solution that can bring results in just one to two washes. However, some children may need to use it longer if they have significant scaling. After using this cradle cap shampoo and gently patting the skin dry, parents can apply Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Moisturizing Cream to soften scales and soothe redness.

A pediatrician’s solution for seborrheic dermatitis

Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo & Body Wash has been clinically tested to be safe, gentle, and effective for children of all ages who have symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis. It is the only children’s body wash for seborrheic dermatitis that is free of potentially irritating ingredients often found in products formulated for adults, including parabens, dyes, sulfates, and fragrances. Look for Dr. Eddie’s products on Amazon, Walmart.com, Buy Buy Baby, and at select Walgreens nationwide.

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