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Do Bald People Get Dandruff? Here’s What You Need to Know

Do Bald People Get Dandruff? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve got a clean-shaven scalp, you might be wondering if you can still get dandruff on a bald head. And although it may be surprising, the answer is yes! Bald people with dandruff are actually quite common; you don’t have to have hair on your head to be susceptible to dry skin or dandruff.

Here, we’ll walk through what causes dandruff on bald heads, and what you can do to treat this skin condition.

Dandruff on bald head: What causes it?

If you’re wondering can bald people have dandruff, the answer is actually yes. Dandruff, also called seborrheic dermatitis, is caused by a yeast (Malassezia) that feeds on oil on the scalp, so people with oily skin are more prone to dandruff. And bald people can just as easily have oily skin as people with hair.

Another reason you may have dandruff is simply from having dry skin or a dry scalp, so it’s important to pay attention to how much water you drink and what kind of moisturizer you use.

Sun exposure is another contributing factor for dandruff on bald heads; when the scalp is exposed to more sunlight, it’s easier for it to dry out and be more susceptible to dandruff. Invest in a good natural sunscreen, or a nice hat!

Some people wonder if you need to shampoo if you’re bald, and the answer to that is also yes. Even though you don’t have hair to keep clean, you still want to make sure that you’re cleansing your scalp of any dirt or other build-up from your day—so you definitely still want to be shampooing on a regular basis.

How can bald people with dandruff treat it?

Bald people with dandruff should follow similar treatment procedures to people with hair. You want to make sure your scalp is clean and well moisturized, so don’t think that just because you shaved your head you can get rid of all your hair care products.

To help dandruff on bald heads, make sure that you’re using a gentle cleansing shampoo, a moisturizer, and sun protection. If your dandruff doesn’t seem to be getting better, you can talk to your doctor about using a medicated shampoo that’s specifically designed to help target dandruff and dry skin.

Another option for treating dandruff on bald heads is to get a scalp massage, which can help keep the skin moisturized and remove any dead skin cells that might be hanging around and causing irritation.

Some people try treating dandruff with natural oils on the scalp, but this isn’t always the best option. Oil can make it look like the scales or flakes have gone away, but actually make the itching and scaling worse in the long run. Instead, use a medicated shampoo with natural ingredients that are easy on the skin and bring in extra moisture.

Help your skin be healthy!

So, do bald people get dandruff? Yes! Even though bald people don’t have the hair that makes dandruff appear obvious to others, dry skin and dandruff flakes can still be uncomfortable, so it’s important to keep your skin happy and healthy. Browse Happy Cappy products to find your solution.

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