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Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Cradle Cap Work?

Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Cradle Cap Work?

At-home remedies for seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap) have been around for decades. One of many that we like to bring up includes the use of oils on your baby’s skin: Mineral oil, coconut oil, and even olive oil all have a reputation for being useful for dry, scaly skin, but can the same be expected for cradle cap?

Let’s take a closer look at the potential of treating cradle cap with olive oil, and why you should consider a medicated shampoo instead.

Can You Use Olive Oil on Cradle Cap?

Olive oil has been used in the past as a method for treating cradle cap – The American Pregnancy Association even recommends considering an oil treatment to loosen up flakes and make them easier to remove. However, the organization also makes it clear that removing the oil from your baby’s head is just as important – if not more important – because leaving any behind could result in clogged pores.

In this way, olive oil could actually make the skin condition worse and make it more difficult to remove the scales from your baby’s scalp. The mess that comes with oil can also play a major role in your ability to use it effectively.

Additionally, research shows that olive oil and other vegetable oils have the nutrients that yeast feeds off of, which can ultimately increase your baby’s risk of developing an infection or allergic reaction.

In short: Does olive oil help with cradle cap? Technically it can help loosen up the scales and remove your baby’s seborrheic dermatitis, but it, and other less-than-helpful natural remedies, can also come with its own drawbacks that make the condition seem even worse than when it began.

Why Medicated Shampoo Works Better

Instead of resorting to olive oil for babies dealing with cradle cap, there are a variety of other options that can help you remove the scales and rehydrate your baby’s scalp.

Breast milk, for example, makes a great natural remedy for breaking up the scales and soothing dry skin. A traditional baby shampoo can even help loosen up the cradle cap, but will not help the problem go away.

Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo is the ideal solution to cradle cap. Recall the technical term for cradle cap is seborrheic dermatitis. We’ve formulated our product to eliminate the flaking and irritation of the skin associated with seborrheic dermatitis, for children of all ages. So you can feel comfortable and confident that we’ve taken the time to create a shampoo option that’s proven to be equally safe and effective.

Our shampoo is vegan friendly, cruelty free, gentle, fragrance free, dermatologist tested, dye free, alcohol free, paraben free, sulfate free, BPA free, and gluten free, encouraging peace of mind for parents raising their children.

Interested in learning more? Help your baby’s skin feel better today with our soothing products!

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