Are Fragrances bad for you if you have eczema?

My child suffers from eczema, so I was told to avoid fragrances in products. Will this worse my child’s eczema if a fragrance shampoo is used on their skin?

Fragrance is a common skin irritant, so you should do all that you can to avoid it in products that you apply to your body or hair, and scrutinize products used to launder yours and your child’s clothes. Some products label themselves as unscented but may have scent to mask scent–this can also be problematic. Learn all about fragrance here.

Happy Cappy was made with eczema or atopic dermatitis in mind. It is fragrance free, dye free, alcohol free, and parabens free. Happy Cappy is a rinse off product that is compatible with other products used for eczema and we now offer a new moisturizing cream for eczema that avoids the use of fragrances and other harsh ingredients to bring you and your child the best.

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