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Our Simple Guide to Neonatal Acne

Our Simple Guide to Neonatal Acne

Becoming a new parent is one of the most surreal experiences in life; getting to know your baby is an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. Neonatal acne, more commonly known as “baby acne”, for example, is a condition in newborns that can be alarming to parents on the surface. But there’s good news – as the Cleveland Clinic reports, neonatal acne happens to more than one in five healthy babies after birth, and it comes without complications.

Are you curious to learn more about what causes neonatal acne and how to treat your baby’s skin? Read on to learn about neonatal acne ICD 10.

Neonatal Acne Causes

In terms of the causation of acne in newborn babies, the lines are blurred. There are no clear causes of this skin condition, but researchers believe that hormonal changes in the mother are likely to blame. There’s also the potential that it’s a yeast-to-skin reaction during the birthing process.

Neonatal Acne Symptoms

In most cases, neonatal acne appears on the surface of the skin just as teenage or adult acne does. It consists of red bumps and whiteheads on the forehead, chin, cheeks, upper back, and upper chest. Some babies with neonatal acne might also experience redness and bumps along the neck.

How long does neonatal acne last? Generally, your baby’s skin will begin to improve over the course of three months and should clear up by the fourth month. If you notice that it’s persistent through the first year of your baby’s life, you may consider reaching out to a doctor for a second opinion and potential treatment options. This is also the right approach if you notice skin blisters, peeling skin, or behavioral differences in your baby like unwillingness to eat.

Neonatal Acne Treatment

Generally, you don’t have to treat baby acne. It should clear up on its own.

If your baby needs treatment, a doctor may prescribe an antifungal cream to combat the developing acne and redness in the skin.

Continue washing your baby’s face with soap and water and the bumps should disappear over time. Medicated shampoo makes an efficient choice for relieving the acne symptoms on the head skin. Formulated for sensitive skin, our shampoo is a mild and soothing solution that can also reduce symptoms commonly associated with neonatal acne. It also contains pyrithione zinc, an ingredient with antifungal properties, which can also be beneficial for getting rid of bumps and redness.

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