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Putting Together Your Own Cradle Cap Kit

Putting Together Your Own Cradle Cap Kit

If you have a new baby or one on the way, you should put together a cradle cap kit. Being prepared just in case can help you to remove cradle cap quickly if you need to. And having your own cradle cap kit on hand can help you to feel better too.

What is cradle cap?

Cradle cap is known as a very common, and temporary, skin condition that newborns often develop. The correct term for it is “Infantile Seborrheic Dermatitis.” It’s a baby version of the dandruff that many adults experience.

What can cause new parents alarm is that cradle cap doesn’t LOOK like dandruff. It’s often thickened white, yellow, or brown patches of crusty skin on a baby’s scalp. These scaly patches aren’t a sign that you’ve done anything wrong, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help.

Treatment for cradle cap

Cradle cap treatments can range from doing nothing and allowing it to clear up on its own, to using a specially formulated cradle cap shampoo. Some of your neighbors may recommend using baby oil, or even olive oil, but those may not be best for your baby’s sensitive skin.

It’s these helpful neighbors that make having your own cradle cap kit already prepared make the most sense. You can say confidently, “thanks, I got this!”

What to put in your cradle cap kit

We think your cradle cap kit can be as simple as 1, 2, 3. The only thing you really need is a complete kit of the best cradle cap products, and we have this for you at Happy Cappy Shampoo.

For the parent who wants an easy set to quickly cover this need for their baby, the perfect solution is our 3 step skincare solution bundle. Not only do you have exactly what you need to handle any cradle cap issue for your baby, but we offer an exclusive deal on our bundle, so you’ll be saving on our products.

3 Step Skincare Solution for Baby's sensitive skin

If you are the type of parent who wants to add other items to your cradle cap kit, here are a few other ideas for baby cradle cap that your kit can contain.

A soft washcloth

You’ll want a soft and clean washcloth, perfect for your baby’s skin. Make sure your washcloth is big enough to wash all over.

A soft brush

Many websites and parenting blogs suggest using a cradle cap comb to attempt to remove the scales while you treat cradle cap. As we’ve said in our blog on the truth about cradle cap combs, there’s no real need for a cradle cap comb. In fact, as tempting as it can be to try to scrub the flaky skin, it’s not necessary to do so and aggressively scrubbing, or rubbing can cause more irritation.

If you want to have some type of a comb, we recommend a soft-bristled brush in your cradle cap kit. This will refrain from causing any harm to the tender scalp.

If Nothing Else, Definitely Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo and Body Wash

The best product for your cradle cap kit is a gentle medicated shampoo, like Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo and Body Wash. That’s not just our opinion, It was named “Best Cradle Cap Shampoo” in Parents Magazine in July 2021.

Unlike adult dandruff shampoos, Happy Cappy was made for a baby’s sensitive skin. But unlike other baby shampoos, Happy Cappy was made specifically to help combat the symptoms of cradle cap.

To complete your cradle cap kit, and to help your baby’s skin feel better, shop our products today!

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