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Signs Your Baby Has Sensitive Skin

Signs Your Baby Has Sensitive Skin

There’s a reason why the term “baby soft skin” is used so often. Babies really do have soft, lovely skin. But their skin is also delicate. Skin isn’t able to retain a proper moisture level and doesn’t fully mature until around the age of two, making all baby skin somewhat sensitive.

However, there are some babies that have much more sensitive skin than others, leaving them more vulnerable to daily stressors. This hypersensitive skin type has a more severe reaction to environmental exposures that are better tolerated by the average skin.

Does your baby have sensitive skin? Look for these 5 signs:

  1. Dry Skin – Dry skin is one of the most common signs of sensitive skin in babies and adults alike. Avoid heavily scented creams and moisturizers and stick with products that won’t cause further irritation.
  2. Redness – Dryness and redness often show up together when a baby has sensitive skin. Redness can show up anywhere on the body, but it often appears around babies’ mouths from drooling. Friction from clothing, temperature changes, wind, and heat can all cause redness on sensitive young skin.
  3. Diaper Rash – Bumpy, red and irritated patches can show up anywhere on babies with sensitive skin, but these rashes most commonly appear in the diaper areas, leading to the name “diaper rash.” Dampness from a dirty diaper can further irritate skin, so be sure to change your baby as soon as you can.
  4. Baby Acne – Many babies get small red bumps that greatly resemble pimples on their foreheads, noses and cheeks. Baby acne usually clears up on its own.
  5. Eczema – Eczema is a major sign of sensitive skin. The condition leads to a red, raised, weepy, and often painful-looking rash on the cheeks, forehead, elbows, and knees. Eczema can be further irritated by dry skin, irritants, and sweat.

How to Soothe Sensitive Skin

Luckily, many babies grow out of their sensitive skin. But until they do, it’s important to manage the symptoms while avoiding the underlying triggers and causes.

Try using a laundry detergent that is made without any dyes or fragrances as these ingredients can be too harsh on sensitive skin. Dryer sheets can also be a menace. Stop using them or investigate the fragrance-free variety.  A child can be bathed daily without incident. Some kids hate baths but some just love them.  However, daily baths are a problem, if a family is using a scent-laden product with a child with sensitive skin.

For this reason, it is vital to use soaps, shampoos, and creams that are specifically made for babies with sensitive skin. Look for a baby eczema shampoo like Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Daily Shampoo and Body Wash.

Formulated by a licensed pediatrician, Happy Cappy Daily Shampoo and Body Wash is free of skin irritants such as fragrance, dye, alcohol, sulfates, and phthalates. It is 95%  plant-based and features ingredients like licorice root extract, oatmeal, aloe,  hyaluronic acid, and provitamin B5 to moisturize hair and skin. Use Happy Cappy Daily Shampoo and Body Wash as an eczema shampoo for babies or as a daily solution for soothing sensitive young skin.


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Is it normal if my baby has sensitive skin?

Baby’s skin is known to be delicate, fragile, and soft. This is because the baby’s skin is not fully developed, which makes it more sensitive. So sensitive skin is very typical in babies. Properly caring for your baby’s skin is essential to avoid skin problems.

How can I identify my baby’s skin type?

If your baby’s skin gets rashes often and reacts to extreme temperature and harsh chemicals in the products, then there is a chance your baby may have susceptible skin.

What is the best way to soothe a baby’s sensitive skin?

The best way to soothe a baby’s skin is by keeping it moisturized. Choosing a moisturizer with no harsh chemicals that is fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free is essential. Happy Cappy Moisturizing Cream is specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin. It keeps the baby’s skin healthy by locking moisture in the skin.

Why does my baby’s skin turn red when touched?

There are a few things that may be causing your baby’s skin to turn red. One of the most common causes is that your baby’s skin may be very sensitive. Just like the phrase says, “sensitive to touch.” Another reason may be that your baby is experiencing eczema, which makes their skin dry.

When will my baby’s skin develop fully?

Babies have sensitive skin because their skin is still developing. The skin fully develops around the age of 2, and around this time your baby’s skin will no longer be as sensitive. But for some kids, their skin may stay sensitive throughout their life.


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