Preventing Eczema: Is it possible?

Eczema Prevention

Anyone who has young children that suffer from eczema can understand the frustration that comes with watching their child helplessly scratch and itch at their skin during a flare-up. Atopic dermatitis, the most common type of eczema, is found in roughly 9.6 million children under the age of 18 across the U.S., with most of those kids scratching at their skin well before the age of 5.

With limited treatment options and medical understanding of the causes of eczema, this can leave many families frustrated and wondering, “can eczema be prevented?”

Using an irritant free moisturizing cream or ointment two times per day can reduce flare ups. Shortly after bathing is when the moisturizer should be applied. Following these practices can reduce the need for steroid use on the skin, and bring a world of relief to your baby.


The wrong clothing, for example, can exacerbate the Eczema rash.  Experts advise dressing babies and children in light, loose, soft clothing in breathable fabrics like cotton.  Avoid rough, scratchy, tight clothes and fabrics like wool and non-breathable synthetics.

Don’t just wash your child with pure soaps…or wash their clothes in pure soap, too.  That means avoiding fabric softeners and scented detergents with added dye.  If your washing machine offers an extra rinse cycle, use it.  It’s all about keeping things clean and pure.

If your home has carpet and your child likes to play on the floor, it’s advisable to place a cotton sheet on the ground.

Believe it or not, it is controversial if avoiding food allergens benefits Eczema. Climate on the other hand, can be a factor in Eczema flares. While it may be difficult depending on where you live, it is advisable to avoid excessive heat and low humidity.

These are all small but important steps that can prevent flare-ups and provide real relief from the irritation of Eczema in children and adults.

Happy Cappy’s daily shampoo and body wash for eczema is formulated to treat children of all ages suffering from eczema and it’s irritating symptoms.  Follow these tips on eczema prevention and grab yourself a bottle of Happy Cappy Daily Shampoo and Body wash today.

How to Prevent Eczema flare ups

While there isn’t a cure for eczema, and researchers aren’t yet exactly sure what causes this skin condition, there are strategies that have been considered helpful to patients in preventing eczema and its flare-ups. Not all methods for atopic dermatitis prevention are guaranteed to work for every patient, but they have helped many find relief from non-stop itching.

The key to eczema prevention starts with trying to understand common factors that can bring on a flare-up and eliminating or correcting those culprits. Many doctors agree that the most common triggers for an eczema episode include:

  • Rough or heavy clothing
  • Extreme temperature and humidity levels
  • Low moisture levels in the skin
  • Harsh shampoos and body washes
  • Stress
  • Allergens

To prevent an eczema flare-up in your child, try making these changes:

Moderate temperatures

Exposure to extreme temperature differences is believed to contribute to eczema breakouts. This can be particularly difficult in winter months, where we are often moving from cold conditions outdoors to extremely warm rooms indoors. Combat this by layering up before heading outdoors and lowering indoor temperatures to comfortable, but not too warm temperatures.

Wear cotton clothing

Materials like wool can start an itch that may lead to a rash. Wearing loose, cotton clothing, or clothing made from other natural and soft materials, may provide more comfort. It’s also important to watch how you wash clothing. You should purchase laundry detergents that are free of harsh ingredients or that are specially designed for sensitive skin.

Keep skin moisturized

Moisturizing may seem like an obvious step to prevent those dry, scaling patches of skin, but there is more to moisturized skin than applying creams. Avoiding hot showers and baths, which can extract moisture from the skin, and applying creams within three minutes of exiting a bath can help to optimize moisture levels. Some soaps may also strip the body of its natural oils and can even cause irritants that could spur an outbreak.

Switch to an eczema shampoo specially formulated for children

As mentioned, many soaps contain harsh, synthetic ingredients that can irritate even normal skin. These ingredients can be extremely problematic for those who suffer from eczema and other sensitive skin conditions. Even some shampoos that are designed for eczema may be too strong for children. Instead, switch to an eczema shampoo for kids that is formulated with natural ingredients. You may also consider using a daily eczema body wash.

Monitor and avoid other allergens or irritants

Some breakout-causing triggers may be unique to your child. This can include allergies to pollen, mold, dust mites, pet dander, or rarely certain foods. If your child suffers from repeated bouts of eczema, try to monitor what they consume or come into contact with in the days leading up to their outbreak and eliminate any factors that are always present at the time of a flare-up.

If you are looking for relief for your child, try incorporating Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Daily Shampoo & Body Wash into your child’s daily skincare routine. Made with 95% natural plant-based ingredients, this is the only shampoo that helps alleviate eczema symptoms that is also formulated for children of all ages.

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